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Benjamin Earnhart - Biel - 22 years old

The beginning of the end

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Money - Investing - Business. These three words went through my mind when I started my apprenticeship at UBS Bank at the age of 14. Early on, I was confronted with the reality of business life.


After about 3 years I got the task to develop a system how to visualize a fund, adapted to the individual interests of the client. I implemented attackers from different sports as visualization of stocks and defenders as bonds . Depending on the strength and potential of the players, the "stock" was riskier. Also, different nationalities lowered the risk of conflicts within the team (technical term = cluster risk). And so on. I had more fun than ever before. I even had the privilege to present my final work in front of the whole Branch. After 5.5 years in the bank, I had enough. But I am glad that I have had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience and soft skills in the working world. 

After some time off, I realized that my coolest memories were the creative moments, like taking pictures with my dad's "big" camera. So I grabbed that very camera and went on the "hunt". Traveling all over Switzerland was part of my daily routine. Also, I just went to different stores and asked them if I could take some free photos for their brand. It was always an adventure and furthermore I got direct feedback of companies. 

I kept up the pace and started working with different brands and companies. I really have never smiled as much as I do now - I have found my passion.

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"My true passion - to create"

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